BuySurety.com is a full service Surety Bond Broker founded in 1998. With brick and mortar offices in the United States as well as extensive internet reach, the team at BuySurety.com is made up of highly experienced professionals in the surety industry.

Responding to the needs of our bond clients, we continue to expand the scope of surety related products we offer. We now represent over 19 of the top 25 rated surety companies in the United States. We represent many clients who depend on us to provide all their surety bond needs. We specialize in providing bonds for contractor’s performance and payment bonds, commercial surety, fiduciary, environmental, subdivision, and financial guarantee.

Our success has been our customers’ as well, as we are able to make outstanding customer service our priority through quick turn around on all bond needs.

BuySurety.com will continue to work with agencies and contractors on all bond needs. We offer agencies competitive commissions and quick turn around times. We have quickly earned a reputation as one of the largest bond brokers doing business around the nation.


If you are searching for a surety bond, there are many things that you will want to consider before jumping head first into the deal. You need to realize that, as with any industry, there are going to be people out there trying to overcharge you just to line their own pockets as much as they possibly can at your expense. We understand and respect our customers. Offering the most competitive prices along with quality service is the best business model for long-term success. Any business that stands above the rest in their prices, communication and experience will bring return customers.

We hear time and time again about the horror stories from clients that have used other surety bond suppliers before coming to us, such as long response times for simple things like a quote. We know that the sooner you receive your quote, the sooner you will be able to decide it is right for you so you can focus on what’s most important to you – your business. We offer not only a quick turnaround time on the surety bond quote, but on the actual bond.

In this industry, there are a lot of new surety bond brokers that go under soon after they start, just looking to make a quick buck off of you in the process. Trust is another huge aspect when you are searching for and buying a surety bond, the last thing you would want is for the company assuring your bond to go under. We have been one of the long time leaders in this industry, we first started as a bond broker back in 1998.