Surety On The Rocks

Written by JoAnn Smith on November 6th, 2015. Posted in Commercial Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Bonds, On The Rocks, Surety Bond Blog

SURETY 101   If you are a first time bond purchaser, you may be asking yourself many questions?  If you are lucky, the person telling you to buy one will also give you a phone number or website information for a reputable bonding company.  That’s where we come in.  At we will walk you through all of the steps and answer all of your questions.   A common question is “What is a Surety bond?”  A surety bond is a legal contract between yourself (the principal), a second party (the obligee), typically a government office or court depending on the type of surety bond needed, and a third party (the bonding company that issues the bond).   Another question is “What does a surety bond do?”  A Surety bond guarantees payment, the maximum payment is the bond amount, to the obligee for any damage or loss caused by the principal.   There are numerous types of surety bonds out there and we will work with you to find the exact type of bond you need.  Questions we may ask you are “Who is the obligee?”, “What is this bond guaranteeing?”,  “What do you need this bond to do?”,  “What is the amount you need to be bonded for?”, or “Do you have a bond form?”.  These questions help us identify your needs and make the process run smoothly.   Most surety bonds can be applied for and purchased within 24 hours.Apply Here
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Surety On The Rocks

Written by JoAnn Smith on October 16th, 2015. Posted in Commercial Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Bonds, On The Rocks, Surety Bond Blog

Let’s talk about Used Car Dealer Surety Bonds: These surety bonds are a type of license and permit bond that guarantees the used car dealer will manage the dealership according to the requirements of the state in which it is operating. We have excellent used car dealer surety bond programs for good credit as well as less than perfect credit. We can write used car dealer bonds for 48 states with 2 hour approvals.  And we offer financing options for most quotes over $500.  Apply Here

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Surety On The Rocks

Written by JoAnn Smith on March 12th, 2015. Posted in Florida, License and Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Bonds, On The Rocks, Surety Bond Blog

Florida MVD Surety Bond – Florida Auto Dealers who sell new or used cars are regulated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Florida auto dealers must get bonded or supply a letter of credit before receiving their license.
  • General Florida Auto Dealers. Required to provide a $25,000 bond or supply a letter of credit for the same amount.
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealers in Florida. Required to provide a $10,000 bond or supply a letter of credit for the same amount.
  • Florida Mobile Home Dealers. Required to provide a $25,000 bond or supply a letter of credit for the same amount.
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Used Car Dealer Bonds Get Pricey in Alabama

Written by JoAnn Smith on June 2nd, 2014. Posted in Alabama, Bond Types, Latest News, License and Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Bonds, States, Surety Bond Blog

     used car dealer bond      
used car dealer bonds go up
If you are planning to start a business selling used cars in Alabama you better do it quick, because the cost of a used car dealer bond will go up beginning in August. That news has been greeted with a bit of dismay, I am sure, in the used car trade down south. As the saying goes, it isn’t all magnolias and mint juleps here, but on the other hand Alabama has always had a healthy used car trade. That the cost of selling used cars or anything at all has gone up shouldn’t be a big surprise. As anyone in this business knows, getting your used car bond is simply part of the business. So true to form, the cost of staying in business for this kind of industry, like everything else, is going up.

Who Needs to Get Bonded?

In addition to a new bond amount, as it will be moving from the old rate of $10,000 to a new $25,000 used car dealer bond, Alabama has also widened the scope of who exactly needs to have this type of surety bond for their business. While used car dealers will still need to get bonded as part of their licensing, car dismantlers and designated agents for car dealerships, whether for old cars or new, will also need to be bonded. The amount for all of these businesses will be $25,000. New car dealerships in Alabama have always and will continue to be required to have a $25,000 auto dealer bond as part of their licensing. So for them, this change will not affect the amount of their surety bond. But if a business was “grandfathered” in and so exempt from providing a surety bond, that will end when the governor signs Alabama House Bill 40. Expect that to happen soon with the bill going into effect in August.

Finding Your Used Car Bond

Whether you want to sell used cars in Alabama or new trucks in Alaska, BuySurety can help you to find the right kind of surety bond for your business at the right price. We have been supplying used car dealer bonds, auto dealer bonds and even motor vehicle dealer bonds for over twenty years to every state in the union. Let our helpful customer service people find the right surety bond for your business, whatever business you might conduct. Get bonded with BuySurety today.

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Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds Increased

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 5th, 2014. Posted in Contract Bonds, Latest News, Legislation, License and Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Bonds, Performance Bonds, Surety Bond Blog, Wisconsin

     motor vehicle dealer bonds      
Wisconsin motor vehicle dealer bonds are changing
Upcoming legislative changes will affect both the selling and registration of motor vehicles in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Assembly Bill 262 will require motor vehicle dealers to increase the dollar value of the motor vehicle dealer bonds. These are currently part of the licensing procedures for car dealerships in Wisconsin. In addition, that same bill will also introduce a revision to the current requirements for contractors hired by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to process title and registration.Both new requirements will be a part of this bill, which has just passed legislation.

Wisconsin Car Dealers New Requirements

If you want to sell vehicles in Wisconsin you have always been required to post a license bond or MVD bond as part of the licensing procedures for the dealership. This is standard in just about any state. But the recent passage of AB 262 means that for dealers the price of business has just gone up. Prior to this bill, dealerships were required to post a $25,000 surety bond for each dealership they owned. With this new bill that DMV Bond amount has increased to $50,000. All other requirements related to the licensing of the dealership remain the same.

Surety Bonds for DOT Service Subcontractors

This new bill also addresses Wisconsin DOT’s hiring of contractors to facilitate the registration and licensing of vehicles. In the past when DOT hired contractors for this purpose, they were required to post a surety bond for $10,000 for handling registration renewals or a $25,000 surety bond for title and original registration. However, as more contractors hire subcontractors to handle these jobs, the Wisconsin DOT has seen the need to include the subcontractors under this basic surety bond umbrella. With the passage of AB 262 contractors that hire more than 100 subcontractors will need to post a $2,000 Title Agency Bond for each subcontractor handling title and registration under their auspices.

Get Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds Quickly

Requirements for motor vehicle dealer bonds, title agency bonds and other types of DMV bonds can change from year to year. That is why it is so important to stay abreast of all the changes your business may require when it comes to your surety bond needs. Whether you sell cars in Wisconsin, register them for DOT or simply need a bid bond for that upcoming government project, it helps if you have a reliable surety bond dealer. BuySurety has been providing motor vehicle dealer bonds, bid bonds and hundreds of various surety bonds to businesses large and small for over twenty years. Visit our BuySurety website to get a fast price on the surety bond your business needs. Because you can never be too secure when it comes to the changing landscape of surety bond requirements.

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