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Employment Surety Bonds – USDA Proves Their Worth

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 29th, 2014. Posted in Agricultural Bonds, Bond Types, Colorado, Illinois, Performance Bonds, Surety Bond Blog

     employment surety bonds      
Colorado employment surety bonds help agriculture
For anyone in the agricultural sector the recent move by the USDA to invoke an employment surety bond against Liborio Markets #8 Inc. of Colorado for failing to pay monies owed to 14 different sellers on lots of produce is a welcome sign. The decision by the government agency to bar the company from the produce industry until March 2016 is just one in a number of injunctions this company has had for bad business practices. The current problem involves a little over half a million dollars in sales that are owed for agricultural produce that was sold, delivered but never paid for by the company. Unfortunately this is not the first time that a surety bond has been used to try and keep a business in the agricultural industry from defrauding others.

Illinois Employment Surety Bond Holder

On the other side of the country, an Illinois business might find itself in a bit of difficulty because of its hiring practices. It seems that Central Grocers Inc. of Juliett Illinois hired the former president of TJ Produce, Thomas Hanyzewski, who had failed to pay reparation that was awarded to his company. Because of this background, Central Grocer will need to post an employer surety bond that will be held by the USDA for four years. The surety bond is in the amount of $50,000 and will be the companies guarantee to the industry that it will perform according to the rules set down by the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act or PACA.

Agriculture and Employer Surety Bonds

It is easy to see from these two examples that employer surety bonds are a big part of the agriculture industry. While it is true that most companies will never find themselves on the wrong side of the table when facing the USDA for rule infractions or fraudulent behavior, agriculture dealer bonds and employer surety bonds can ensure that everyone plays fair. That is why it is so important for anyone who is involved with this important industry to get bonded by a company that knows the rules and can be sure they have the right surety bond for their particular situation. BuySurety has been providing employment surety bonds, agricultural dealer bonds and every kind of required surety bond for the agricultural community for over two decades. Drop by our website or give our knowledgeable customer service folks a call and find out just how easy it is to ensure your business, no matter what sector it is in, has the right surety bonds at the best price.

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North Carolina Grain Dealer Bond Updated

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 26th, 2014. Posted in Agricultural Bonds, Commercial Bonds, Latest News, License and Permit Bonds, North Carolina, Popular States, Surety Bond Blog

     grain dealer bond      
New grain dealer bond requirements in the works
Last year’s passage of North Carolina House Bill 383 saw an increase in the amount of the grain dealer bond that would be required as part of the new agricultural licensing requirements. Now in effect, that bill saw the surety bond requirements that are part of the licensing for grain dealers in North Carolina increase substantially.
With the implementation of this new law, grain dealer bonds will move from the previous $10,000 surety bond to a $100,000 grain dealer bond.

Who Needs a Grain Dealer Bond?

This new bond amount will be required from anyone in North Carolina who owns controls or operates a grain mill, grain elevator or a warehouse connected to the storage of grains. It will also include anyone who owns and operates a truck or tractor-trailer unit or similar that buys, sells or solicits for sale or resale. The bill will also cover those who contract for these services or are involved in the exchange or sales of grain. These changes to the requirements for a surety bond are part of a bill that will make changes to all of the grain dealer licensing laws in North Carolina. Additional changes will include the ability of the Commissioner to refuse to grant a license to anyone who:
  • Has acted or portrayed themselves as a grain dealer in the past without the proper licensing.
  • Has hired someone convicted of involvement in fraud, theft or misrepresentation regarding buying or selling of grain.

Finding Your Grain Dealer Bond

Finding an insurance company that handles this large an agricultural dealer bond would be difficult, but BuySurety can supply these and other agricultural dealer bonds easily. They can apply online and even probably be notified the same day that they are approved for the grain dealer bond they need. When your business needs a surety bond because of changes in the requirements, new business ventures or any other situation, be sure to contact BuySurety. We have been supplying surety bonds, including grain dealer bonds for agriculture for over two decades across the nation. Find out just how easy it is to get bonded with BuySurety today.

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California Immigration Consultant Bonds Increase in July

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 21st, 2014. Posted in Bond Types, California, Commercial Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Surety Bond Blog

     immigration consultant bond
immigration consultant bonds have new requirements
The cost of an immigration consultant bond will increase on July 1st for anyone who is offering this service in the state of California. The increase in the bond amount is part of a new set of immigration consultant requirements that the state has implemented recently. These changes include the increased use of background checks for anyone who wishes to be licensed in California as an immigration consultant and an increase in the immigrant consultant bond from $50,000 to $100,000. The surety bond must be filed with the Secretary of State and the renewal of the bond must also be filed prior to the expiration date of the bond.

Qualifying for an Immigration Consultant Bond

This new increased surety bond amount is part of the state of California’s interest in verifying anyone who works as an immigration consultant. Those who fulfill the requirements get their license and post the immigration consultant bond will be listed on the website of the California Secretary of State as an accredited immigration consultant. There are a few reasons why anyone who is otherwise qualified for the position would not be verified by the state. These include: Anyone who wishes to engage as an immigration consultant must register their business with the Secretary of State and submit proof of the surety bond amount prior to engaging in business. This includes anyone who acts in the capacity of an immigration consultant regardless of whether they have a separate business or not. In addition to the above qualifications and the immigration consultant bond, an individual must also pass a background check and provide a disclosure statement.

Filing Your Immigration Consultant Bond

Qualifying for an immigration consultant bond is fast and easy if you use an experienced surety bond company like BuySurety. We have been supplying immigration consultant bonds, performance bonds and every manner of government required surety bond since 1998. Our friendly and informative customer service people can help you to find the surety bond you need quickly, get qualified and make sure you are bonded correctly and on time. Don’t take chances with something as important as your immigration consultant bond. Contact BuySurety and get bonded today.

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New Public Official Surety Bonds for South Carolina

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 19th, 2014. Posted in Bond Types, Latest News, Legislation, Performance Bonds, South Carolina, Surety Bond Blog

     public official surety bonds help South Carolina Forests      
Public official surety bonds help South Carolina forests
South Carolina is currently considering passing legislature that will change the requirements for public official surety bonds for two state departments. In both cases the current requirements for a surety bond connected to a public position of authority will be transferred along with the position from one department to another. The two departments that will be affected by these changes, should the bills pass, are The Department of Foresters which already exists but will change who is responsible for the surety bond and licensing of its Secretary and The Department of Child and Family Services, which is a new department just being created by its own bill. In both cases, a surety bond is part of the new requirements for the position.

Public Official Bonds for Foresters Secretary

The South Carolina legislature has introduced Senate Bill 896 to make changes to the existing laws regarding the licensing and surety bond requirements for the Secretary for the Department of Forestry in South Carolina. The changes that the bill is looking to make would move the amount of the public official bond to become the responsibility of the Director of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations. This bill will repeal the current practice and surety bond amount and make that obligation bounded by the requirements set by the Director named above. As of May 2014, the bill has been introduced into the Senate and is being considered by the Committee on Fish, Game and Forestry.

Child Services Gets Created and Bonded

With the passage of South Carolina House Bill 4409 the state will create a new department for the protection of minors. The Department of Child and Family Services will be granted the abilities and powers previously part of the Juvenile Justice Department, along with several other agencies within South Carolina. The public officials surety bond will be posted by the Director of the Department to ensure faithful performance of his or her duties as well as accurate accounting and will be a part of this change.

BuySurety Provides Public Official Surety Bonds

State legislative offices are continuously making changes to the requirements of public officials and the bonds they are required to post as part of their positions. When this does happen, it helps to have a surety bond provider that is experienced in understanding the strict requirements for public official surety bonds. BuySurety has been providing public official surety bonds, performance bonds and all manner of surety bonds to both public and private parties for over two decades. When surety bond requirements change, make sure you get bonded with a company you can trust. Come by the BuySurety website to find out just how fast and easy it is to find the right public official bond, performance bond or any other surety bond your position might require.

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Get Bonded for the Recovering Commercial Construction Trade

Written by JoAnn Smith on May 16th, 2014. Posted in Bond Types, Contractor License Bonds, Latest News, License and Permit Bonds, Performance Bonds, Surety Bond Blog

     Forestry workers get bonded      
Forestry workers get bonded
We have been watching the recovery of residential construction recently, but are companies ready to get bonded when it comes to non-residential construction? There are some indications that now may be the time to take a closer look at this. As this sector of the industry begins to rebound, unforeseen problems are cropping up that will require many companies to look closely at their surety bonds.
Increased accidents on the job, problems with training new recruits and retraining seasoned workers who have been idle are just part of the reason that when getting bonded, companies need to consider the big picture.

Are New Workers Getting Bonded?

While the construction industry doesn’t bond individual workers, a practice common in service industries, it does need to take stock of its workers when businesses get bonded for new projects. As the industry begins to recover, non-residential construction is seeing an influx of new workers with little to no training regarding safety. This can lead to a higher incident of accidents and might even affect a company’s ability to get bonded in the future.

Are Returning Workers Ready?

Another factor to consider for any construction company, residential or non-residential, is that many of their best workers have been off the job during the recession. Construction workers that were your best men and women, with great safety records and high levels of proficiency, may have gained weight and even gotten rusty when it comes to their most important skills. Are they as alert as they need to be? Retraining workshops to brush up on old skills can be an effective way to ensure a good safety record for future qualifications for bid bonds, performance bonds and other requirements for construction projects.

Uptick in Construction Predicted

With current forecasts looking at an upswing in construction by as much as 7-10% past current levels, now is the time to be considering what you can do to ensure your employees are ready. Creating safety workshops for new and returning workers as well as encouraging older employees to take advantage of regulations to keep them safe will be key decisions. Recent reports of overweight returning employees dropping on sites from heat exposure are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to safety. Putting those safety programs in place can go a long ways towards getting bonded at a special premium because of strong safety records.

Get Bonded with BuySurety

With the expected growth in construction over the next few years, it pays to do your homework and find the bond company that can help you to get bonded. BuySurety has been providing surety bonds to the construction trade, along with a host of other industries, for over two decades. Find out how fast and easy it is to qualify for low cost surety bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds and every other type needed to get bonded today. At BuySurety we know the construction trade and understand its needs, today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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