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Public Official Surety Bond Still Needed in Texas

Written by JoAnn Smith on December 31st, 2014. Posted in Court Bonds, Surety Bond Blog, Texas

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Public Officals Must Be Bonded
The requirement of a public officials bond for any elected or appointed public official in Texas probably seemed very straight-forward when Sylvia Garza-Perez was elected as Cameron County Clerk. Her election was clear and she did try to obtain the proper public official surety bond upon election. The problem was not in the election process nor was it with any questions about her ability to take on her elected office. But her approval process was held up by a technicality the Commissioners Court had not anticipated, regarding her ability to qualify for her surety bond.

Requirements for a Public Official Surety Bond

The one little thing that seems to have tripped up the elected county clerk is that she must be able to provide a bond to secure her position. Most states require any public official to provide a surety bond to guarantee their honesty and faithful performance of their duties to the public. The amount of the public official surety bond differs from state to state. In Texas, the surety bond amount required is $400,000. While Garza-Perez was able to obtain a surety bond for $100,000, she does not have the liquid assets to qualify for the larger surety bond amount.

Exploring Other Options

The Commissioners office has stated that they are exploring other options to assist in meeting the legal requirements; including obtaining four separate $100,000 surety bonds instead of one bond of $400,000. The stumbling block may be resolving the need for $400,000 in liquid assets as opposed to net worth. The difference between the two may be the reason behind Ms. Garza-Perez’s current dilemma.

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