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Surety On The Rocks

Written by JoAnn Smith on December 15th, 2015. Posted in Commercial Bonds, On The Rocks, Surety Bond Blog

The Facts about Business Service Bonds.   Business Service bonds also go by the names janitorial bond or employee dishonesty bond.  A Business Service bond is typically used by home health care companies, janitorial service companies, or any other type of business that will have employees in their customer’s homes or offices. A Business Service bond will protect your company from dishonest employees and it will protect your customers from losses that arise from a dishonest employee.  If you own a small business and are doing work for larger companies, they may require you be bonded.  Or if you work for people in their homes, they might be more confident in your business if you are bonded. The obligee (the entity that is requiring you to purchase a bond) is yourself for a Business Service Bond.  This means that by law, you do not have to be bonded to operate your company.  It is however, a bonus to many clients to do business with a bonded company. Being a bonded company will give you credibility and will let your clients know that you are an honest business and will always put them first. If a claim does arise against an employee that is working for you, the employee would need to be found guilty before the Surety company would pay out.  Business Service bonds come in many different amounts, starting at $2500 and go up from there.  Just fill out an application at and our representatives will get back to you quickly with a quote.  BuySurety
  Surety on the Rocks: Christmas Morning Champagne Punch: ½  Cup Simple Syrup ½ Cup Lemon Juice 1 – Bottle Champagne 1 -2 liter Bottle ginger ale 1 Pint of your favorite fruit Sorbet – Orange, Raspberry… In the bottom of your punch bowl, mix together your simple syrup and the lemon juice.  Then pour in the Ginger Ale and Champagne at the same time.  Top with your sorbet and ENJOY! three drinks

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