Surety Bond Projects in Mississippi, Ohio and Maine Approved

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Mississippi DOT HQ Construction
As a sure sign that spring is on its way and the economy is making a slow return to normalcy, construction and improvement projects are being approved for surety bonds across the country. These include both new projects, ongoing construction and building development that was delayed in the last year. Three great examples of these are projects that are underway in as diverse places as Mississippi, Ohio and Maine. Here are just a few details on these surety bond secured construction projects.

Maine Recycling Center

In Lewiston Maine, the city council approved additional time for a contractor to complete a recycling center for the town. The project was originally slated to be completed in ten months, but the contractor Casella Solid Waste asked to have that extended to one year to deal with state paperwork. A surety bond of $500,000 was added to the project to cover the company defaulting on its 20-year lease. Be sure to read the The Sun Journal article on this project for anyone looking for additional details.

Ohio Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Work continues on the Appalachian to Texas Express (ATEX) pipeline to move natural gas through 24 highways in the Ohio region. The 1,230 mile pipeline will be crossing through six townships within Lickin County, one of 12 counties in Ohio. Advance notice has been given of the pipeline construction, thought at first to pass through an area of Blackhand Gorge that is a natural preserve. Enterprise Products Partners is working with the Army Corp of Engineers to ensure all proper permits have been filed before beginning preparation work. It has also posted a $100,000 performance bond with the county commissioners. For additional details on this project, be sure to read the full story in the Newark Advocate.

Mississippi Department of Transportation Headquarters

Work is back on track with the delayed construction to the DOT HQ for Mississippi, temporarily delayed January 2012 when the general contractor declared bankruptcy. The surety bonding company handled bids for completion, and was able to bring in a new company quickly. The project has been completed within the original budget and only a few months behind schedule. DJ Journal has the complete story on this project and its surety bond role for completion.

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