Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

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So you want to become a Motor Vehicle Dealer in Georgia and you need to get a Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?  If you are applying for a bond for the first time it can be confusing and a downright daunting task. We understand that and are here to help.

Here are the absolutes:

  1. Must be a US Citizen
  2. Must not have past due child support
  3. No open tax liens
  4. Must not have open judgments
  5. No large amount of past dues on credit report.
A surety bond is a 3 party agreement between you (the principal), the obligee (the state) and the surety company.   The Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is a compliance type bond.  You will have rules and regulations to follow to remain compliant with your license.  The bond guarantees that you will be compliant and if not the surety will pay the claim.  You, the principal, are the indemnitor. This means if there is a claim paid on the bond, you will be responsible to repay the surety company.  Having a bond claim paid out may result in cancellation of your bond. Surety companies review the credit of the owner(s) to determine the rate.  The better the credit the lower the rate.  It is important to know that once you are bonded your credit will be reviewed at every renewal period so keeping your credit in good shape or improving it each year will benefit you greatly.  Credit review is a review only and will not affect the credit score in any way. To apply for the Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond you may click here

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