Surety Bonds on the Rocks – Agriculture Dealer Bond

Written by JoAnn Smith on . Posted in Surety Bond Blog

bonnie - agricultureBond Type:  Agriculture Dealer
Definition:   This bond is required to protect producers against buyers who fail to pay for the product.  Agriculture Dealer Surety Bond is requested for persons who buy and resell products of agriculture (livestock, hay, grain, vegetables etc). They must be licensed with the Department of Agriculture and obtain this bond. This act was established to protect producers of agricultural products from unwarranted hazard and loss in the sale of their products and to ensure an adequate and available supply of products to the consumers within the state.  Unlike insurance the bond is in place to protect the public from the Agriculture Dealer. If there is a claim placed on your bond and you are found at fault the surety company will pay out, however, you will have to pay them back. This bond is fairly easy to obtain, all we need is a filled out application and we can get you a free quote right away.
Requirements:  Application on; US citizen; No current bankruptcy; There cannot be a felony or a disqualifying misdemeanor on the record.
Obligee:  State
Typical Bond Premium:  For most states, the bond will cost a percentage of the bond amount. This percentage is based on personal credit.
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