Surety Bonds on the Rocks – Auctioneer Bond

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Bond Type:  Auctioneer Bond  bonnie - auctioneer
Definition:   This bond is for professional auctioneers.  It protects the public from fraud and other misuse of the process of auctioning property.  Most states require that individuals file a surety bond before they can be licensed as a professional auctioneer or auction house operator. Just like other surety bonds, auctioneer bonds protect consumers in the event of fraud or other ethical breaches. With this particular bond, consumers are typically protected against the substitution of goods and/or the misrepresentation of auction items by the auctioneer.
  • Application on
  • US citizen
  • Nothing derogatory on your credit report

Obligee:  State
Typical Bond Premium: This bond is based on personal credit and business history.  A Principal with strong personal credit might pay between 1.5 – 3%.  If the credit is lower the premium could go as high as 4-15%
Surety on the Rocks:  Apple Pie Cocktail 2 cups ice ½ cup Whiskey ½ cup apple liqueur 1 cup cranberry juice Sliced apples for garnish Add to shaker:  Ice, whiskey, apple liqueur, and cranberry juice.  Pour into 2 rocks glasses, and garnish with a slice of apple.bonnie happy hour  

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